Mindful Learning: Mindfulness-Based Techniques For...

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The most complete and readable mindfulness primer for educators and anyone who works with high school kids and young adults.<
>Mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR), as pioneered by Jon Kabat-Zinn and others, is now being successfully applied in myriad areas of human activity—most recently, education. It's no surprise that psychologists and educators have found that mindfulness-based practices improve attention and performance and reduce stress in the classroom and in other school-based activities. This book is a thorough yet readable introduction to mindfulness and its applications and a primer for educators on how it can be used with students, with numerous practical exercises.<
>The authors cover such topics as<
>• cultivating resilience and managing stress<
>• emotional development<
>• communication and relationships<
>• mindful use of technology<
>• mindfulness for enhancing creativity<
>• mindfulness and sports<
>• teaching with attention<
>• working with resistance<
>• managing personal stress in the classroom<
>• and much more

Table of Contents
Introduction: What Is Education?<
>1. What Is Mindfulness?<
>2. The Science of Mindfulness<
>3. Stress, Focus, and Performance<
>4. Why Attention Matters<
>5. Applied Mindfulness<
>6. Sharpening the Tool<
>7. Learning, Mental Flexibility, and Problem Solving<
>8. Mindsets and Learning<
>9. Resilience and Managing Stress<
>10. Emotional Development<
>11. Communication and Relationships<
>12. eMindfulness<
>13. Enhancing Creativity<
>14. Movement and Sport<
>15. Teaching with Attention<
>16. Working with Resistance<
>17. Managing Personal Stress in the Classroom<
>18. Mindfulness beyond the Classroom<
>19. Organizational Approaches to Mindfulness<
>20. The Exercises<