Deep Creativity: Seven Ways To Spark Your Creative Spirit

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Item#: 9781611806762
Author Quibell, Deborah
Cover Paperback

A deeply intimate exploration of the "7 Ways" to creativity led by three authors whose collaboration provides meditations on the creative process as well as practical and reflective exercises.

Creative expression has increasingly become a prized component in many of our life's endeavors; in fact, there are many paths to instilling and nourishing creativity. The three authors ofDeep Creativitydistill these paths down to the "7 Ways to creativity": The Way of Love, The Way of Nature, The Way of the Muse, The Way of Suffering, The Way of Practice, The Way of the Sacred, and The Way of Art; and invite the reader to explore each for themselves. The authors show how the 7 Ways have informed their own creative process and provide reflective and practical exercises on each. Grounded in Jungian psychology,Deep Creativityoffers practical guidance for getting in touch with your own unconscious reservoir as well as engaging your everyday world to deepen the source of creative expression. Wherever one is on the creative path--a beginner or established creative--this book offers not only practical workbook-like exercises but is also a contemplation on the creative process itself. The result is a highly resourceful book, which will not only inspire the creative process, but also uniquely contribute to our understanding of creativity as a deeply human and embodied endeavor.