Invitation To Draw: 99 Drawing Prompts To Inspire Kids...

Item Information
Item#: 9781611808513
Author Van't Hul, Jean
Cover Paperback

Help children draw and think more creatively by inspiring them with interesting and challenging art prompts and questions.

Open-ended art prompts that give children ages 4-9 opportunities to think creatively rather than follow directions are essential to raising learners who are comfortable with the unknown and eager to tackle it with problem-solving skills, self-efficacy, and critical thinking.

From drawing, painting, and paper cutting to making three-dimensional art with clay and recycled materials, these 99 fun and engaging ideas for creative art play use everyday household materials like masking tape, cardboard, and pasta to get kids engaged in their own explorations. The set-up itself is the teacher and encourages children to think of creative ways to use the provided materials. With foundational information at the start of the book, parents will understand the power of art prompts to foster children's creativity and will be given a variety of ideas for how to create a space for making and to encourage self-directed play. Prompts include build a robot, draw a fantastical self-portrait, decorate a cake, draw a monster, imagine a window scene and more.