High-Yield Vegetable Gardening: Grow More Of What You...

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You won’t believe your eyes when you see the size of your harvest! In High-Yield Vegetable Gardening, authors Colin McCrate and Brad Halm show how you can make your food garden much more productive, no matter how big or small it is. You’ll learn their secrets for preparing the soil, selecting and rotating your crops, and mapping out a specific customized plan to make the most of your space and your growing season. Packed with the charts, tables, schedules, and worksheets you need — as well as record-keeping pages so you can repeat your successes next year — this book is an essential tool for the serious gardener.

Short Description
Home gardeners can now learn how to maximize food production from any size vegetable garden using these high-yield techniques.

Table of Contents
Becoming a High-Yield Vegetable Gardener
The Basic Tenets of High-Yield Gardening
Think like a Farmer
How to Use This Book
Part 1: Planning and Planting What You Need
Chapter 1:
Making a Site Plan
Mapping Your Property
Siting Garden Space
Putting It on Paper
Chapter 2:
Crop Selecting, Scheduling, and Recordkeeping
Consider Crop Life Span When Planning
Planning for Storage
Consider Local Conditions
Strategies for Planting
Creating Your Planting Plan and Calendar
Making Your Own Planting Calendar
What You’ll Write on the Calendar
Chapter 3:
Garden Mapping and Crop Rotation
Mapping the Crops in Your Garden
Rotate Crops from Year to Year
Filling In Your Garden Map
Keeping Additional Records
Chapter 4:
Selecting Seeds
Sourcing Seeds
Preparing Your Seed Order
Selecting Your Varieties
How Much Seed to Order
Storing Seeds
Part 2: Growing for Maximum Yield
Chapter 5:
Preparing Soil for Production
Expanding Production with New Beds
Improving Existing Beds
Soil Solutions
Chapter 6:
Setting Up Irrigation Systems
The Case for Irrigation Infrastructure
Overhead Irrigation
Drip Irrigation
Making an Irrigation Map
Assembling the System
Managing the Drip System
Chapter 7:
Setting Up a Home Nursery
Inside a Home Nursery
Locating the Nursery
Outfitting Your Nursery
Chapter 8:
Starting Plants En Masse
Scheduling Your Seed Starting
Large-Scale Seeding Equipment
Propagating from Cuttings
Grafting for Increased Productivity
Managing Your Nursery
Year-Round Nursery Production
Chapter 9:
Transplanting and Direct Seeding in the Garden
Careful Transplanting = Productive Plants
Direct Seeding
Mulching at Planting Time
Setting Up Supports
Part 3: Getting the Most from Any Garden Space
Chapter 10:
Getting the Most from Every Plant
Strategies for Fertilizing
Pruning for Production
Hand Pollinating for Higher Yields
Chapter 11:
Suppress the Competition: Weeds, Pests, and Diseases
Develop a Weed-Reduction Strategy
Chapter 12:
Maintaining Soil Quality
First Priority: Build Up Humus
Producing Large Quantities of Compost
Protect the Soil with Cover Crops
Start a Soil Management calendar
Mulching for Winter
Chapter 13:
Extending the Growing Season
Growing in Every Season
Choosing a Structure
Cooling in Summer Can Increase Yields
Chapter 14:
Timely Harvesting and Storage
Becoming a Skilled Harvester
Harvest Safely
Harvesting for Maximum Freshness and Quality
Storing the Harvest
Distributing the Harvest
Produce Sales and Distribution
Educational Programming
Planning for Perennials

Review Quotes
"Colin and Brad show you how to increase the output from your garden efficiently and successfully.”
—Amy Pennington, owner of Go-Go Green Garden & author of Urban Pantry, Apartment Gardening, Apples & Fresh Pantry.