Container Theme Gardens: 42 Combinations, Each Using...

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Simple and foolproof! Enjoy beautiful container plantings with no stress or fuss. Container Theme Gardens offers 42 plans for container arrangements, each using just five specific plants that you can find at your local garden center. There’s something here for every setting and every style, including a meadow in a box, a pond in a pot, a simple salad garden, and a combination that will attract hummingbirds. Each plan includes photographs of what the full planting will look like, as well as a handy shopping list so you know exactly what you need.

Short Description
With professional gardener Nancy J. Ondra as the guide, anyone (green thumb or not) can plant designer container gardens using just five plants carefully selected to be perfect partners. From elegant whites to rich reds and stunning succulents to wonderful window boxes, these 42 designs offer the perfect combination for every home style, container, and taste.

Table of Contents
Why Try Containers?
Nine Reasons to Try Containers
Basics of Container Gardening
Playing with Color
  Five-Part Harmony of Color
  Bold Contrast
  Pretty in Pastel
  Rich Reds
  Orange All Over
  Growing Sunshine
  Singin' the Blues
  Regal Purple
  Elegant Whites
  Sparkling Silvers
  Back to Black
Through the Seasons
  Spring Cheer
  All-Summer Color
  Autumn's Brilliance
  Winter Wonders
  Year-Round Interest
Location, Location, Location
  Made for Shade
  Beat the Heat
  Balcony Beauties
Designed to Attract
  Hummingbird Haven
  Butterfly Banquet
  Kid Attraction
Small Wonders
  A Mini Meadow
  Pond in a Pot
  Magic in Miniature
Fun and Colorful Edibles
  Salad on Deck
  Herbs on the Windowsill
  A Pot of Tea
  Bursting with Berries
Special Themes
  Just Right for Night
  Living Perfume
  Asian-Inspired Beauty
All about the Plants
  Annual Appeal
  Perennial Punch for Shade
  Tropical Sunset
  Lovely Leaves
All about the Container
  Terra-Cotta Charm
  The Versatile Plastic Pot
  Copper Beauty
  Cemented in Place
  Country Hardwood
  Eye-Catching Ceramic