Building Raised Beds: Easy, Accessible Garden Space For...

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Item#: 9781612126166
Author Bradley, Fern Marshall
Cover Paperback
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For beginning gardeners and homeowners, this handbook shows you exactly how to plan, build, and plant a simple raised bed. Fully illustrated step-by-step instructions make it easy and ensure success! In just a weekend, using a few basic materials and minimal building skills, you can set up a complete garden bed adapted for vegetables, flowers, or herbs.   

Short Description
A Storey BASICS title addresses the popular topic of raised-bed gardening with this introduction to simple raised beds that any homeowner or beginning gardener can plan, build, and plant in a weekend with basic materials and little knowledge or skill.

Table of Contents
Introduction: The Built-In Benefits of Raised Beds Sized Right for Success – Perfectly Designed for Super Soil – Ready to Plant Right from the Start – Easy to ExpandChapter One: Getting Started Investigating Sunlight and Soil – Dig Down or Build Up? – Dimensions and LayoutChapter Two: Building Your Beds Digging Down – Building Up – How to Build a Wood-Framed Raised Bed – How to Build a Frame on a Slope – Soil Amendments – PathwaysChapter Three: Planting and Tending Planting How-To – Watering – Mulching and Feeding – Dealing with Weeds, Pests, and DiseasesChapter Four: Accessorizing Your Bed Setting Up a Support System – Installing a Watering System – Sending Your Garden into Space – How to Build a Sturdy Vertical Trellis – Adding Artistic Touches Resources Metric Conversion Chart Index