Greywater, Green Landscape: How To Install Simple...

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Keep your lawn and garden lush without wasting resources by capturing and recycling the greywater that drains from your sink, shower, and washing machine. This accessible and detailed guide walks you through each step of planning for and installing a variety of greywater systems, including laundry-to-landscape and
anched drain gravity-fed systems. After identifying greywater sources in your home and estimating flow rate, you’ll learn to pinpoint where to redirect the wastewater for the greatest benefit. No matter which system you decide to build, you'll have the information to construct it yourself or move forward with confidence to hire a professional. 

Short Description
Step-by-step instructions show you how to plan, install, and use simple, low-tech solutions to redirect and reuse greywater from sinks, showers, and washing machines to maintain your home landscape and garden.

Table of Contents
Part 1: Planning Your Home Greywater System 1  Greywater Systems 101   What Is Greywater?   Types of Greywater Systems   Health and Safety Considerations   Greywater in Freezing Climates2  Greywater Sources and Plumbing   Identify Your Greywater Sources   Your Home's Drain, Waste, and Vent System   Undesirable Greywater Sources   Summary of Greywater Sources3  Estimate Your Greywater Flows   Code Estimates vs. Personal Calculations   Calculating Weekly Greywater Flows   Finding the Flow Rates of Different Fixtures4  Soils and Mulch Basins   Soil Structure and Type   Identify Your Soil Type with a Soil Ribbon Test   Determine How Water Flows through Your Soil with an Infiltration Test   Mulch Basins   Protect Groundwater and Drinking Water Wells5  Plants and Irrigation   Choosing Plants for Greywater Irrigation   How Much Water Do My Plants Want?   Plant-Friendly Soaps6  Choosing a Greywater System   System Design Considerations   When Greywater Is Not a Great Idea   Using Greywater Indoors: Toilet Flushing   Choosing a Greywater Irrigation System   Greywater Systems at a Glance   When to Turn Off the System7  Codes and Regulations   A Brief History of Greywater Plumbing Codes   Greywater Codes: Performance and Prescriptive   National Codes and StandardsPart 2: Building Your Home Greywater System 8  Install a Laundry-to-Landscape (L2L) System   Design Considerations   Installing an L2L Irrigation System   Irrigation Options9  Install a Branched Drain Gravity-Flow System   Design Considerations   Installing a Branched Drain System   How to Wire an Actuator10  Pumped and Manufactured Greywater Systems   Design Considerations   Building a Pumped System   Manufactured Greywater Systems11  Other Types of Greywater Systems   Outdoor Fixtures   Whole-House Greywater Systems   Subsoil Infiltration Systems   Greywater for Greenhouses   Constructed Wetlands   Sand Filter to Drip Irrigation   Reusing Septic Tank Effluent for Irrigation Appendix   Plumbing Basics for Greywater Installation   Parts Primer   Basic Installation Techniques Resources Acknowledgments Index

Review Quotes
“Simple, affordable projects and strategies to conserve water and reuse it for household food gardens, groundwater recharge, and soil regeneration. These solutions are a win for the household and for the environment.” — Gemma Bulos, director of Global Women’s Water Initiative “Practical guidance for conserving and efficiently using our precious water. This comprehensive book explores every detail of how to capture and reuse greywater to create lush landscapes.” — Paula Kehoe, director of water resources at the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission