Angry Chef's Guide To Spotting Bullsh*t In The World Of...

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Author Warner, Anthony
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A persuasive takedown of the pseudo-science that saturates wellness advice as "one by one Warner demolishes popular food myths" (Guardian) Combating "nutri-nonsense" with hard-hitting facts, trained-scientist-turned-professional-chef Anthony Warner (aka the Angry Chef) debunks commonly held beliefs about food that are questionable at best and patently dangerous at worst-served up with humor, evidence, and a heavy dose of common sense. Fad diets and food myths that fall under his knife include the paleo diet, the antioxidant cure, and the toxicity of sugar. Readers will learn how to watch out for rhetorical stumbling blocks (it&s not your fault!), suspicious phenomena ("heal your health with X, Y, and Z!"), and logical fallacies (anecdotes are not evidence!); and gain the skill to spot pseudoscience in their own lives.