Growing Marijuana: Expert Advice To Yield A Dependable...

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As marijuana laws in the United States become less restrictive, more and more people are searching for basic marijuana gardening instructions. Cultivating pot isn't like growing houseplants or vegetables, especially if you desire maximum potency and yield. It takes precision. Among other things, you need female plants, very specific temperature, humidity and lighting at different times during the plant's lifespan, special nutrients, and the correct harvesting procedures.Idiot's Guides®: Growing Marijuanacovers it all, in a simple, concise way—with tons of full-color photography and step-by-step instructions.<
>In this book, you'll find:<
>• Instructions on how to grow and maintain a small marijuana garden for your own noncommercial use.<
>• Full spectrum of options available for growing marijuana, from indoor, climate-controlled systems to open-air, outdoor growing.<
>• Time-tested and modern methods for strain selection, disease and pest-prevention, and proper plant nutrition.<
>• Expert advice to yield a dependable supply of buds.<
>• Also includes more than 500 full-color photos and illustrations.