Woman At 1000 Degrees: A Novel

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Author Helgason & Fitzgibbon
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"THE HOTTEST NEW BOOK FROM ICELAND ISWOMAN AT 1,000 DEGREES. . . What a story it is, one worth reading to further understand the complexity of World War II-and to enjoy the quick wit of a woman you won&t forget." -Bethanne Patrick,The Washington Post "I live here alone in a garage, together with a laptop computer and an old hand grenade. It&s pretty cozy."Herra Björnsson is at the beginning of the end of her life. Oh, she has two weeks left, maybe three-she has booked her cremation appointment, at a crispy 1,000 degrees, so it won&t be long. But until then she has her cigarettes, a World War II&era weapon, some Facebook friends, and her memories to sustain her.And what a life this remarkable eighty-year-old narrator has led. In the internationally bestselling and award-winningWoman at 1,000 Degrees, which has been published in fourteen languages, noted Icelandic novelist Hallgrímur Helgason has created a true literary original. From Herra&s childhood in the remote islands of Iceland, where she was born the granddaughter of Iceland&s first president, to teen years spent living by her wits alone in war-torn Europe while her father fought on the side of the Nazis, to love affairs on several continents, Herra Björnsson moved Zelig-like through the major events and locales of the twentieth century. She wed and lost husbands, had children, fled a war, kissed a Beatle, weathered the Icelandic financial crash, and mastered the Internet. She has experienced luck and betrayal and upheaval and pain, and-with a bawdy, uncompromising spirit-she has survived it all.Now, as she awaits death in a garage in Reykjavík, she shows us a woman unbowed by the forces of history. Each part of Herra&s story is a poignant piece of a puzzle that comes together in the final pages of this remarkable, unpredictable, and enthralling novel.