Evidence-Guided Practice: A Framework For Clinical...

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Athletic trainers must have a foundation in the concepts of evidence-based practice to deliver patient care in an effective way. It is critical that students and clinicians formulate clinical plans that will be effective for individual patients. With that goal in mind,Evidence-Guided Practice: A Framework for Clinical Decision Making in Athletic Trainingteaches the athletic trainer that evidence-based practice concepts must be incorporated into daily clinical practice.Written in a conversational tone, Drs. Bonnie Van Lunen, Dorice Hankemeier, and Cailee Welch provide a practical and concise resource for athletic trainers to use when interpreting what the available evidence means for them and how it can be effectively applied in daily patient care.The competencies within athletic training and other health care professions were considered when each chapter was constructed. Special care was taken to include examples that are specific to athletic training and instructional applications for educators.What Is Inside:Types of research designFoundations of research and statisticsIntroduction to critical appraisalConcepts of validityDiagnostic accuracyDisablement modelsPatient-oriented outcome assessmentsHealth care informaticsThe first of its kind,Evidence-Guided Practice: A Framework for Clinical Decision Making in Athletic Trainingis the only resource athletic training students, clinicians, or other health care professionals will need to properly put evidence-based concepts into practice.

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DedicationAcknowledgmentsAbout the AuthorsContributing AuthorsIntroductionChapter 1 Construction of Clinical QuestionsChapter 2 Types of Research DesignChapter 3 Searching the Literature for EvidenceChapter 4 Foundations of Research and StatisticsChapter 5 Introduction to Critical AppraisalChapter 6 Selection and Assignment of ParticipantsChapter 7 Concepts of ValidityChapter 8 Measures of ReliabilityChapter 9 Diagnostic AccuracyChapter 10 Levels of Evidence and Grades of RecommendationChapter 11 Scales and Checklists for Critical AppraisalChapter 12 Application of Critical AppraisalChapter 13 Clinical Prediction RulesChapter 14 Epidemiological MeasuresChapter 15 Disablement ModelsChapter 16 Patient-Oriented Outcomes AssessmentsChapter 17 Considerations for Selecting Patient-Rated Outcome MeasuresChapter 18 Health Care InformaticsGlossaryFinancial DisclosuresIndex