1001 Pediatric Treatment Activities: Creative Ideas For...

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DedicationAcknowledgmentsAbout the AuthorsIntroductionImportant Warning and DisclaimerSECTION I SENSORY INTEGRATIONChapter 1 Proprioceptive ActivitiesChapter 2 Motor PlanningChapter 3 Pressure ModulationChapter 4 Bilateral Integration/Crossing MidlineChapter 5 Vestibular SystemChapter 6 Tactile SensitivityChapter 7 Oral Motor ExercisesSECTION II VISUAL SYSTEMChapter 8 Visual PerceptionChapter 9 Visual Motor IntegrationChapter 10 Visual ScanningSECTION III DISSOCIATION ACTIVITIESChapter 11 Body DissociationChapter 12 Finger IndividuationSECTION IV HAND SKILLSChapter 13 Open WebspaceChapter 14 Fine Motor SkillsChapter 15 Pinch-Grasp ManipulationChapter 16 Hand StrengtheningSECTION V BODY STRENGTHENING AND STABILIZINGChapter 17 Core-Strengthening ActivitiesChapter 18 Balance ActivitiesChapter 19 Upper Arm Strengthening and StabilizationSECTION VI COGNITIVE AND HIGHER-LEVEL SKILL BUILDINGChapter 20 Increasing AttentionChapter 21 Organizational SkillsSECTION VII SOCIAL SKILLSChapter 22 Increasing Social Interaction and RelatednessChapter 23 Group ActivitiesChapter 24 Seasonally Themed Projects and ActivitiesSECTION VIII IMPROVING GAIT PATTERNSChapter 25 Increasing the Arches of the FootChapter 26 Decreasing External Rotation of the HipsChapter 27 Decreasing Internal Rotation of the HipsChapter 28 Addressing Toe-WalkingReferencesAppendix A: Worksheets and HandoutsAppendix B: Therapeutic iPhone and Android AppsGlossaryBrand Name ProductsIndex