My First Book Of Hockey

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Item#: 9781618931771
Author The Editors Of Sport
Cover Hardback
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Next up in the fan-favorite Rookie Book series,Sports Illustrated Kidsexplains the coolest game in the world to its youngest fans.<
>The puck drops, skates flash, and sticks fly-a hockey game is underway! With a fun mix ofSports Illustratedaction photography, simple text, a full glossary of terms, and cool graphics,My First Book of Hockeyintroduces readers to the basics. Kids (and maybe a few adults, too!) will learn how power plays work, how the three-period game flows, what a hat trick is, what's up with the referee's crease, and more.<
>An illustrated "rookie" character appears on every page, guiding the reader moment by moment, and helping to makeMy First Book of Hockeyan ideal shared reading experience between parents and their young rookies before, during, and after the game.