Teach Yourself How To Learn: Strategies You Can Use To Ace..

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Author Mcguire & Mcguire
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"McGuire hits it out of the park with this book written for students. She easily connects to them through her conversational style, empathy, case studies and a strong belief in their power to succeed. She shares strategies for learning through graphics and activities that ensure their active engagement. She fully understands the importance of readability as she fills the text with questions. This book explodes with energy and passion and should be on every student's bookshelf." -Martha E. Casazza, Educational Consultant, TRPPAssociates, CLADEA Founding Fellow

"Much can be gained from this book by both students and instructors in all fields. My biggest take-away is the author's insistence, 'Now hear this: All students are capable of excelling'. This book shows how."--Reflective Teaching

"Maybe this is a reflection on just how big of a nerd I am, but this is the book that I wish I had when I was in college, or even in high school, to understand that I could have a little bit more control over my brain, and harness [its] power in a good direction. It would be really good for a first-year student seminar, a class that focused on study skills, or a tutoring center."--Kathryn (Katie) Linder, Research Director for Ecampus, Oregon State University

Table of Contents
Mark McDaniel


1) My Journey: I Was Once in Your Shoes
2) Why Don't All Students Already Know How to Learn?
3) Metacognition: What It Is and How It Can Turbocharge Your Learning
4) The Power of Bloom's Taxonomy and the Study Cycle
5) Metacognitive Learning Strategies at Work
6) Why Your Mindset About Intelligence Matters
7) How Your Emotions Affect Your Motivation and Learning
8) What You Do to Boost Your Motivation, Positive Emotions, and Learning
9) Time Management, Test Taking, and Stress Reduction
10) Try the Strategies and Have Fun!

Appendix A: Compilation of Strategies for Students
Appendix B: Books and Links Recommended for Students
Appendix C: Learning Strategies Inventory
Appendix D: Dramatic Individual Student Improvement
Appendix E: Selected Student Feedback
Appendix F: Study Tools