Handbook Of Palliative Radiation Therapy

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Handbook of Palliative Radiation Therapyis the first practical guide to palliative care in radiation oncology. The editors have assembled an international team of leading radiation oncologists to write this state-of-the-art volume on planning and administering single-fractionated, hypofractionated, and conventional radiation therapy for end-of-life cancer care.The handbook begins with several chapters on the background and efficacy of palliative radiation therapy, along with crucial information on patient selection and assessment of life expectancy. Following these introductory chapters, the bulk of the book contains chapters on site-specific malignancies, containing comprehensive literature reviews, treatment plans, toxicity information, and symptom management. More than 20 color figures enhance the chapter text and illustrate best practices. Written for radiation oncologists, physicists, and other radiation therapy team members, this indispensable text explains how short course regimens can be used to provide better quality care, increase quality of life and convenience, and relieve pain and suffering for advanced stage and end-of-life cancer patients.Key Features:Chapters contain self-assessment questions, clinical cases, clinical pearls, and other elements to
ing out key points in the textDiscusses strategies for delivering radiation to patients with significant symptoms, such as bleeding, dysphagia, airway obstruction, and other painful and debilitating side effectsIncludes reviews of tools for assessing life expectancy including Recursive Partitioning Analysis, the TEACHH tool, and other predictive models such as Number of Risk Factors scoreExplains appropriate considerations when combining palliative radiation therapy with analgesics

Table of Contents
ContentsContributorsPreface1. IntroductionCandice Johnstone2. Patient Selection and Life Expectancy ToolsSrinivas Raman, Nicholas Chiu, Na Zhang, and Edward Chow3. Bone MetastasesPei Shuen Lim and Peter J. Hoskin4. Malignant Spinal Cord CompressionRandy Li-Hung Wei and Kavita V. Dharmarajan5. Brain MetastasesMohammad Hasan and May N. Tsao6. Head and NeckAlbert Tiong and June Corry7. Lung and Central Airway MalignanciesSarah Baker and Alysa Fairchild8. Abdominal and Pelvic MalignanciesSushmita Ghoshal, Bhavana Rai, and Raviteja Miriyala9. Liver MalignanciesJared R. RobbinsAppendix AAppendix BIndex