Physical Medicine & Rehabiliation Pocketpedia

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Pocketpediais the essential quick reference for medical students, residents, and attending physicians in the field of physical medicine and rehabilitation. Designed for the busy clinician, this pocket-sized compendium is crammed with useful tables, charts, illustrations, and clinical tips and guidelines for effective patient care and restoration of function. Covering core topics in PM&R and field-tested in the clinic and at the bedside over two successful editions, this indispensable resource delivers the information practitioners need on a daily basis. TheThird Editionhas been reorganized and thoroughly updated to include the latest evidence-based treatment recommendations and protocols.FeaturesPM&R in your pocket-perfect for rounding or concise reviewDistills the practical essentials with focused coverage of key topicsNew chapters on Ultrasound, Cancer Rehabilitation, Acupuncture, and Quality ImprovementExpanded coverage of musculoskeletal rehabilitation, concussion, and interventional pain proceduresEnhanced illustrations and chartsNow includes downloadable ebook for anytime access on mobile devices or computer

Table of Contents
ContributorsPreface1.Neurologic Examination2.Gait and Gait Aids3.Wheelchairs4.Modalities5.Therapeutic Exercise6.Acupuncture7.Amputation/Prosthetics8.Pediatrics: Cere
al Palsy9.Concussion10.Pain Medicine11.Musculoskeletal/Sports/Orthopedics12.Ultrasound13.Electrodiagnostic Studies14.Cardiac Rehabilitation15.Pulmonary Rehabilitation16.Burn Rehabilitation17.Cancer Rehabilitation18.Spinal Cord Injury19.Traumatic Brain Injury20.Stroke21.Physiological Changes With Aging22.Rheumatology23.Osteoporosis24.Multiple Sclerosis25.Movement Disorders26.Acute Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy27.Spasticity28.Neurogenic Bladder29.Language, Speech, and Swallowing30.Heterotopic Ossification31.Deep Venous Thrombosis32.Pressure Injury33.Quality ImprovementAb