Lab Dynamics

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Item#: 9781621823155
Edition 03
Author Cohen
Cover Hardback

This is the third and completely revised edition of a now classic handbook that focuses specifically on management challenges faced by research scientists and technical professionals. In Lab Dynamics, Carl and Suzanne Cohen draw on their unparalleled professional experience (Carl as a scientist and Suzanne as a psychologist) and as workshop directors to provide invaluable, practical advice on how to succeed in science for working scientists and those in or preparing for management or leadership roles. The book is also required reading for anyone with an administrative role in the research enterprise who must understand that world and its complexities. At its core, the book is about human interactions in science and how they can be made most effective and productive. The authors explain, without jargon or preaching, how to apply self-awareness and interpersonal skills to problems that science professionals encounter every day. For this third edition, two new chapters have been added. The new Chapter 4, on hiring scientists, provides a data-driven approach along with step-by-step guidance and editable and downloadable forms for use in evaluating and ranking applicants. The new Chapter 6 gives a guide to keeping scientists focused and motivated through appropriate feedback. Scientists at all levels want and need to hear how they're doing from mentors, managers, or leaders. All other chapters have additional sections, many based on case studies and examples shared with the authors by working scientists. They include "Ten essential characteristics of scientific team leaders" with specific examples of each behavior and its impact. Government organizations, academic institutions, and funders are increasingly focused on the management of science and the improvement of the scientific enterprise. With this update, Lab Dynamics is a resource like no other for those who lead and strive to succeed in a scientific setting.

Review Quotes
Praise for the first edition \"Lab Dynamics is a highly understandable and practical book...Experienced leaders will find it a practical refresher in mastering their skills, whereas non-management and early-career professionals will find it much more than a survival handbook.\" --Clinical Chemistry

\"... (provides) a comprehensive skill set for surviving other scientists and the pressures of the work place. Scientists who work in settings ranging from industry, government, or academia will likely find the book interesting and useful.\" --Veterinary Pathology