Perennial Matchmaker: Create Amazing Combinations W Your...

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Author Ondra, Nancy
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Planning a spectacular perennialgarden just got easier! Forget the time-consuming research needed to determineif one short, spreading flower will look good with a tall, stately grass. PlantswomanNancy J. Ondra has spent 30 years experimenting with plant combinations, andshe shares her one-plant-at-a-time approach for choosing plant partners. By focusing first on one perennialand its attributes, gardeners can select companion plants that complement it tocreate an endless number of groupings with eye-catching color combinations,dramatic textural displays, and stunning seasonal effects.The Perennial Matchmakerfeatures 90 individual perennial profiles,300 exquisite photographs of plant partnerships, and Ondra's insight into thearray of plants, including annuals, bulbs, grasses, shrubs, and otherperennials, that make great combinations. Each profile features dozens of ideasfor pairings, the reasons why the pairings will work, and region-specificchoices. Whether the reader is just starting with perennials or is a long-timegardener who wants to elevate plantings for a more cohesive look,The Perennial Matchmakeris the go-toguide for creating stunning plantmedleys.And the matchmaker angle is easy to understand-it's a favorite perenniallooking for friends!