100 Hand Cases

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Item#: 9781626236608
Edition 01
Author Boyer & Chang
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The authors are to be commended for their efforts....[This is] a useful revision aid for hand surgery examinations, for refreshing knowledge and also as a quick reference to confirm management plans before treating the patient. --PMFA News100 Hand Casesprovides a clinical write-up of 100 typical cases from two globally recognized authorities who cross over between plastic surgery and orthopedics, the two specialties dedicated to training hand surgeons.The cases in this book share a concise approach consisting of:A description of the problemKey anatomyWorkupTreatmentAlternativesPrinciples and clinical pearlsPitfallsClassic references related to the caseFull-color photographs and radiographs are included in each case, as well as a discussion of the authors' preferred treatment solution.Presented in a highly templated, high-yield format,100 Hand Casesis an ideal quick reference for students and trainees preparing for clinics and the operating room, as well as busy surgeons in need of a brief reminder on key information.