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The Occupational Therapist's Workbook for Ensuring Clinical Competenceis designed to help occupational therapy students and new practitioners demonstrate the practical problem-solving and real-life clinical reasoning skills essential for fieldwork and clinical practice. This user-friendly resource helps the reader apply occupational therapy concepts, improve narrative and pragmatic reasoning skills, and measure attainment of knowledge and skills needed for successful transition to fieldwork and entry-level practice.InsideThe Occupational Therapist's Workbook for Ensuring Clinical Competence, a wide variety of client conditions, situations, and intervention options are presented for different practice areas. Knowledge and skills are assessed for fundamental aspects of occupational therapy such as: professionalism, ethical decision-making, evidence-based practice, evaluation and intervention planning, occupation-based interventions, effective communication, supervision, role delineation, activity analysis, cultural competence, interprofessional collaboration, group process, emerging practice areas, department management, safety, documentation, billing and reimbursement, and more.Marie Morreale and Debbie Amini have incorporated numerous worksheets, learning activities, and worksheet answers in an easy-to-read format. The variety of assessment methods and learning activities used throughout the text stem from the authors' combined decades of teaching experience and include: case studies; vignettes; multiple choice, matching and true/false questions; fill in the blanks; experiential activities and more. Topics are
oken down into smaller units and explained step-by-step to allow for easy independent study.Thoroughly explained answers are provided so that readers can check their responses with suggested best practice.These worksheets and learning activities are also useful as role-playing exercises, studying in small groups, and can aid in preparing for fieldwork or the national certification exam.Instructors in educational settings can visit www.efacultylounge.com for additional materials to be used in the classroom.The Occupational Therapist's Workbook for Ensuring Clinical Competenceis the go-to text for occupational therapy students and faculty, as well as new occupational therapy practitioners who require the practical problem-solving skills and the clinical decision-making skills essential for fieldwork and clinical practice.

Table of Contents
DedicationAcknowledgmentsAbout the AuthorsIntroductionChapter 1 Communicating EffectivelyChapter 2 Demonstrating ProfessionalismChapter 3 Understanding Professional Roles and ResponsibilitiesChapter 4 Applying Fundamental PrinciplesChapter 5 Incorporating Activities and OccupationsChapter 6 Implementing Preparatory InterventionsChapter 7 Evaluating Client FunctionChapter 8 Applying Knowledge and Skills in Group Leadership and Mental Health PracticeChapter 9 Demonstrating Knowledge and Skills in Adult Rehabilitation and GeriatricsChapter 10 Implementing Pediatric Assessments and InterventionsChapter 11 Demonstrating Managerial SkillsIndex