Hand Grasps & Manipulation Skills

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Hand Grasps and Manipulation Skills: Clinical Perspective of Development and Function, Second Editionis an expertly designed and logically organized text that provides an accurate and clear depiction of the development of hand grasps and the taxonomy of functional hand grasp.Hand Grasps and Manipulation Skills, Second Editionby Sandra J. Edwards, Donna B. Gallen, Jenna D. McCoy-Powlen, and Michelle A. Suarez is full of concise and user-friendly text that is written to assist in understanding complex information. The photographs, illustrations and charts have been expanded in thisSecond Editionand present new content areas for students and clinicians to use in education and practice.Hand Grasps and Manipulation Skills, Second Editionis unique in that it is also the only text on the market that contains this comprehensive pictorial information about hands and their grasps. Additional unique features include rare information about in utero development of the hand, left handedness, scissor skill development, in hand manipulation skills, and extensive information regarding clinical application.Hand Grasps and Manipulation Skills, Second Editionis a text that can be used as a career long reference. It provides all the pertinent and comprehensive information for students to learn about the development of the hand in one place, and is expertly and thoroughly referenced with the latest research.Hand Grasps and Manipulation Skills: Clinical Perspective of Development and Function, Second Editionprovides clear information on a very specific subject, which makes it the ideal reference for occupational therapy professors, students and clinicians; mechanical engineers, computer software instructors, and engineers working in robotics; medical students and orthopedic hand surgeons.

Table of Contents
DedicationAcknowledgmentsAbout the AuthorsPrefaceForeword by Barbara Rider, PhD, OT/L, FAOTA and Fred Sammons, DPS, OT/L, FAOTAIntroductionChapter 1 How to Observe and Examine the Hand for Grasp and ManipulationChapter 2 Pictorial View of the Structure of the Hand as Related to GraspChapter 3 In Utero Development of the HandReflexes and GraspHand Movements In UteroGestational Development Related to the Hand and GraspHand MovementsChapter 4 Primitive Reflexes That Influence GraspAsymmetrical Tonic Neck ReflexAsymmetrical Tonic Neck Reflex: Quadrupedal PositionTraction ResponseAvoiding ResponsePalmar Grasp ReflexInstinctive Grasp ReflexChapter 5 Development of GraspReflex Squeeze GraspCrude Palmar GraspPalmar GraspRadial Palmar GraspRaking GraspRadial Digital GraspDevelopmental Scissors GraspInferior Pincer GraspThree Jaw ChuckPincer GraspNeat Pincer GraspChapter 6 Development of Object and In-Hand Manipulation SkillsDevelopment of Object ManipulationDevelopment of Object ReleaseDevelopment of In-Hand ManipulationFinger-to-Palm TranslationPalm-to-Finger TranslationSimple ShiftReciprocal ShiftComplex ShiftSimple RotationComplex RotationChapter 7 Grasps for HandwritingLeft-Handed Writing PosturePrimitive Grasp PatternsRadial Cross Palmar GraspPalmar Supinate GraspDigital Pronate GraspBrush GraspGrasp With Extended FingersTransitional Grasp PatternsStatic Quadrupod GraspCross Thumb GraspStatic Tripod GraspMature Grasp PatternsLateral Tripod GraspDynamic Quadrupod GraspLateral Quadrupod GraspDynamic Tripod GraspInterdigital Tripod GraspAdditional Pencil GraspsChapter 8 Development of Scissors Grasps and SkillsScissors Use in ToddlersScissors Use in Preschool-Aged ChildrenScissors Use During Elementary School YearsScissors Use Into AdulthoodChapter 9 Functional Hand GraspsPower GraspsCylindrical GraspHammer GraspOblique Palmar GraspOpposed Palmar GraspPalmar GraspReverse Transverse Palmar GraspRing GraspSpherical GraspCombination of Power and Precision GraspsDiagonal Volar GraspVentral GraspPrecision GraspsDisc GraspDynamic Lateral Tripod GraspInferior Pincer GraspLateral PinchPad-to-Pad GraspThree Jaw ChuckTip PinchTransverse Digital GraspMiscellaneous GraspsFunctional Scissors GraspHook GraspInterdigital GraspLum
ical GraspRaking GraspNonprehensile Hand MovementsFinancial DisclosuresIndex