Lest We Forget: A Doctor's Experience With Life And Death...

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Author Kwan Kew Lai
Cover Paperback
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In 2014 after fighting through yards of bureaucratic red tape, leaving her family, and putting her own health at risk in order to help suffering strangers, Kwan Kew Lai finally arrived in Africa to volunteer as an infectious disease specialist in the heart of the largest Ebola out
eak in history. What she found was not only blistering heat, inadequate working conditions, and deadly, unrelenting illness, but hope, resilience, and incredible courage.<
>Lest We Forgetchronicles the harrowing and inspiring time spent serving on the front lines of the ongoing Ebola out
eak--the complicated personal protective equipment, the chlorine-scented air, the tropical heat, and the heart
eaking difficulties of treating patients she could not touch. Dr. Lai interweaves original diary entries to create a gripping narrative about life, death, and human relationships that will leave no reader unmoved.<
>This book exposes the raw
utality of Ebola, as well as the chaotic nature of the undersupplied and understaffed health infrastructure in the developing world. At once a memoir of triumphs and failures and a memorial, this book will ensure that the victims of Ebola and the fighters who sought to heal them will not be forgotten.