Get A Grip On Your Grammar: 250 Writing & Editing...

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Just as we should think before we speak, we need to think before we write.<
>Most of us are not poets or novelists, but we are all writers. We email, text, and post; we craft memos and reports, menus and outdoor signage, birthday cards and sticky notes on the fridge.<
>Get a Grip on Your Grammaris a grammar book for those who hate grammar books, a writing resource filled with quick answers and a playful style?not endless, indecipherable grammar jargon.<
>Get a Grip on Your Grammaris The Elements of Style for the Twitter generation. Designed for student, business, and creative-writing audiences alike, its easily digestible, occasionally witty writing tips will finally teach you:<
>The differences between ?lay? and ?lie.?<
>The proper usage of ?affect? and ?effect.?<
>Where to put punctuation around quotation marks.<
>The meaning of ?e.g.? versus ?i.e.?<
>The perils of overusing the word ?suddenly.?<
>That apostrophes should not be thrown about like confetti.<
>And 243 more great tips.<
>Writers owe it to themselves and to everyone who sees their written words to get it right. WithGet a Grip on Your Grammar, they finally can (not ?may?).