New Long Life: A Framework For Flourishing In A Changing...

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Item#: 9781635577143
Author Scott & Gratton
Cover Hardback

A practical guide to how we can positively adapt to a changing world, from the internationally bestselling authors ofThe 100-Year Life.

"Wonderful . . . This thought-provoking book is a must-read." Daron Acemoglu,New York Timesbestsellling co-author ofWhy Nations Fail

Smart new technologies. Longer, healthier lives. Human progress has risen to great heights, but at the same time it has prompted anxiety about where we're heading. Are our jobs under threat? If we live to 100, will we ever really stop working? And how will this change the way we love, manage and learn from others?

One thing is clear: advances in technology have not been matched by the necessary innovation to our social structures. In our era of unprecedented change, we haven't yet discovered new ways of living.

Drawing from the fields of economics and psychology, Andrew J. Scott and Lynda Gratton offer a simple framework based on three fundamental principles (Narrate, Explore and Relate) to give you the tools to navigate the challenges ahead. Both a personal road-map and a primer for governments, corporations and colleges,The New Long Lifeis the essential guide to a longer, smarter, happier life.

"This thoughtful book explores how we can reimagine our days and our societies to make our lives better – not just longer." Adam Grant,New York Timesbestselling author ofOriginalsandGive and Take

"Stimulating, insightful and inspirational."' Linda Yueh, author ofThe Great Economists