Cbd Oil Everyday Secrets: A Lifestyle Guide To...

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Author Lidicker, Gretchen
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From its general anti-anxiety and pain-relieving properties to its potential as an all-natural beauty product, CBD oil is quickly becoming one of the biggest trends in wellness. A powerful adaptogen, this non-psychoactive compound of the cannabis plant can help the body respond to stress and improves overall health in myriad ways. Using the latest science and drawing from the knowledge of leaders in the health and wellness world, this book is a one-stop lifestyle resource for all things CBD. Thirty appealing recipes—from tonics to chocolates to foot rubs—help readers incorporate CBD into their daily routine in fun, inspiring, and delicious ways.Recipes include:<
>• Mint and CBD Oil Cooling Summer Tonic<
>• CBD Rose Jam to Spread on Everything<
>• Pain-Relieving CBD and Peppermint Oil Neck Treatment