I Want To Be A Dentist

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Item#: 9781770857865
Author Liebman, Dan
Cover Hardback
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Being a dentist is a busy job. What do dentists and their helpers do? Where do dentists go to school? Photos and lively captions show what happens at the dentist's office. Includes tips for keeping teeth and gums healthy.

With full-color, full-page photographs throughout plus straightforward and engaging text, the I Want to Be ... series is an appealing introduction to a broad spectrum of occupations.

The series gives young children a realistic insight into the working day of adults. Easy-to-read captions and color photographs of women and men from different cultures help children understand what's involved in each occupation. Young readers learn to respect the importance of doing a job well and appreciate the contributions these workers make to our life and the world around us.

These books are perfect for reading alone or in group story times. They are certain to spark questions and encourage dialogue and prompt children to learn more about these occupations.

Review Quotes
This sturdy 24-page book introduces young readers to the occupation of dentist. Each page is filled with a photograph, with a white text box providing information. Readers learn what a dentist does, and a little bit about teeth. Dentistry tools and education are briefly examined. Orthodontists and hygienists are mentioned as is basic dental care. This is an upbeat book.

Besides telling what dentists do, what specialized equipment they use, and who else works in their offices, Dentist briefly discusses baby teeth, braces, and dental hygiene... The series offers books that may be useful to teachers introducing careers to young children, and certain volumes will fit right into Community Helpers units as well.