Stuff You Need To Know About The Human Body

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Item#: 9781770859814
Author Farndon, John
Cover Paperback
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Review of Stuff You Need to Know! by John Farndon:
"Packed with information."
--School Library Journal

On the heels of Stuff You Need to Know!, which covered anything and everything mechanical, comes this new take on something we all have in common -- the human body. Aimed at readers nine and up, Stuff You Need to Know About the Human Body follows teams of tiny people as they run around performing the actions explained in the text. Stops are made at all of the body's organs, processes, and systems, from the hippocampus to blood to DNA and ear wax.

Readers will discover answers to the questions they didn't know they had, like:

what exactly happened when I broke my leg? why did my Dad have a heart attack? why do I feel so awful when I get the flu? what are goosebumps? why am I supposed to drink a lot of water?

The 80-page extent allows for an in-depth look at many of the body's processes, and the four double gatefolds give a large space in which to show the circulatory, skeletal, immune, and digestive systems. Readers can learn that they have two skeletal systems; what each neighborhood in the brain does; why veins look blue if blood is red; and if they want to, they can follow their dinner as it goes from the tongue to the gut to, well, the very end.

Packed with authoritative information presented humorously and with a light touch of accurate scientific terminology, this is a fabulous browser for all young readers.

Review Quotes
(review of UK edition) You can't help but be drawn in by the look of the pages and this is an absolutely fascinating and thoroughly effective introduction to the workings of the human body.

The human body gets a visually appealing tour.