Procrastinator's Guide To Retirement: A Financial Guide...

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Item#: 9781770866119
Author Trahair, David
Cover Paperback

Let’s face it, planning and saving for retirement is not easy. We are told that the earlier we start, the better and that the “magic of compounding” will make our dreams come true if we simply trust the stock market and our investment advisor.

But for most people it’s simply not possible. People in their twenties are often saddled with student debt and may be struggling to find suitable full-time employment. Saving for retirement is the last thing on their minds, as it should be.

Then in our thirties and forties we tend to do things like get married, have kids, and buy houses. All these things cost a lot of money! So for many people there simply isn’t any money left to put away for retirement. Therefore many of us become procrastinators when it comes to saving for retirement.

But there is hope. This book will take you step-by-step though planning and saving for retirement starting in your fifties and the best way to fund your retirement years. It is designed for people approaching retirement who want to ensure it is comfortable and stress-free.