When Planet Earth Was New

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Author Gladstone & Diemert
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It has taken billions of years for Earth to become the planet it is today.When Planet Earth Was Newlooks back to the very beginning, using a poetic approach grounded in scientific fact to give an overview of how the planet has changed over time: from hot lava to the formation of oceans to the evolution of living things in water and on land. The book also includes the relatively recent evolution of humans — who are just a tiny speck in the sweep of Earth’s history.<
oad look at the Earth is designed to inspire awe and inquiry. With STEM connections to biology, geology, evolution, and more, it is a springboard for discovery, discussion, and research. A striking design with full-spread, digitally enhanced watercolor art gives the book a rich, atmospheric feel. Back matter includes informational notes about each spread, as well as sources, an author’s note, and a glossary.

Short Description
The story of planet Earth’s evolution, from 4.5 billion years ago to today