100 Easy-To-Grow Native Plants For Canadian Gardens

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The key to a carefree garden is to know which plants will thrive under local conditions and which ones are better left at the nursery. With watering restrictions becoming increasingly common, and rising concerns about exotic invasive species, gardeners have to be savvy about plant selection, making native plants both a practical and ecological choice.Lorraine Johnson's100Easy-to-Grow Native Plants for Canadian Gardensis the ultimate source for achieving a lush and stunning garden with ease. Whatever the conditionssunny, shady or in-betweenand whatever your styleformal, informal or a mixthere are native plants to help you achieve your gardening goals. Either add to your garden or start fresh with the help of this reader-friendly guide.With Lorraine Johnson's light humour and down-to-earth perspective, as well as lavish photos by Andrew Leyerle, this is a must-have gardening resource for everything Canadian gardeners need to know about native plants. Horticultural information includes height, blooming period, light requirements and moisture needs, as well as a comprehensive reference chart that provides a list of the most appropriate plants for various conditions at a glance.This perennial favourite of Canadian gardeners is now back in print with a revised introduction, updated botanical names, new information on how to support native pollinators as well as an updated section on native plant societies.

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An updated guide to gardening with native plants from Canadas preeminent gardening author.