Baby's First Hashtag

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Item#: 9781771621915
Author Feschuk & Allan
Cover Board book
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G is for #gluten, which Mom says is bad.H is for #hipster, just look at your Dad.With twenty-six Instagram-style photos accompanied by sharp and witty rhyming couplets, this sturdy abecedarian board book is baby’s first glimpse at the world they will one day grow up to inhabit—a world of hashtags, memes, manbuns, quinoa and organically sourced plaid. Forget learning to count or differentiating between farm animals—what modern babiesreallyneed to develop is a strong sense of irony. And E is for #eyeglasses, prescription or fake.Like the wildly popular publishing phenomenonGo the F*** to Sleep, this book is not really for tots. Instead,Baby’s First Hashtagmakes a perfect shower gift to amuse soon-to-be and new parents as they make the painful-yet-rewarding transition from skinny jeans and flights of craft beer to burp cloths and puréed yams.

Short Description
From one of the authors ofHow Not to Completely Suck as a New Parent, here is a subversive board book for millennial parents and disillusioned babies.