Carpe Fin

Item Information
Item#: 9781771622240
Author Yahgulanaas, Michael Nicoll
Cover Hardback

“The ragged edges of the temperate rainforest reach far out onto an island in the western seas. It is a place where one chooses to go ahead or turn back…”

In a prequel to the award-winningRed: A Haida Manga, acclaimed artist Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas blends Asianmanhwa/mangawith the Haida artistic and oral tradition in another stunning hand-painted volume.

In a small near-future community perched between the ocean and the northern temperate rainforest, a series of disasters is taking a heavy toll. It is early fall and a fuel spill has contaminated the marine foods the village was preparing to harvest. As food supplies dwindle, a small group decides to make a late season expedition to search for sea lions. Surprised by a ferocious storm, they abandon one man, Carpe, on an isolated rock at sea. After ten days they are finally able to return, but he has vanished. The story follows Carpe’s encounters with the Lord of the Rock, who demands retribution for Carpe’s role in the hunt, and Carpe’s fate in the half-life between human and animal, life and death.

Short Description

A prequel to the award-winningRed: A Haida Manga, combining the expressive style of manga with classical Haida art and legend.