No Refuge For Women: The Tragic Fate Of Syrian Refugees

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Author Von Welser, Maria
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An exposé of the hidden suffering that over half of Syria’s refugees endure and the conflicts they continue to flee.No refuge: this is the harsh reality encountered by the women and children who flee Syria in search of safety. When boatloads of Syrian refugees began arriving on European shores in the spring of 2015, Western television screens were filled with images of men. Where, journalist Maria von Welser asked herself, were the women and children, whom she knew made up over half the population of refugee camps?<
>In these pages, von Welser reveals the hidden stories of those Syrian women and children. There are stories of desperation and predation: loss of wealth and of life, child marriage, rape, kidnapping, and sex slavery. But there are also stories of empowerment and hope—including the conviction that we can turn compassion into real change.