Health & Health Care Delivery In Canada

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Item#: 9781771721691
Edition 03
Author Thompson, Valerie
Cover Paperback

Prepare for a career in Canadian health care with the only text of its kind! Written in a manageable, student-friendly style,Health and Health Care Delivery in Canada, 3rd Edition makes it easy to understand the nation's approach to health, wellness, and illness. Set entirely within a Canadian context, this text includes coverage of individual and population health, the role of federal agencies and provincial governments, health care funding, and current issues and future trends in health care. This new edition includes updated coverage on mental health care, Indigenous Peoples, palliative and end-of-life care (including MAID), the legalization of marihuana, and the COVID-19 pandemic (on Evolve). With enhanced online resources and updated review questions, it's ideal for all Canadian students considering a career in health care!

Table of Contents
1. The History of Health Care in Canada
2. The Role of Health Canada and Other Federal and International Health Agencies
3. The Role of Provincial and Territorial Governments in Health Care
4. The Dollars and 'Sense' of Health Care Funding
5. Practitioners and Workplace Settings
6. The Essentials of Population Health in Canada
7. Health and the Individual
8. The Law and Health Care
9. Ethics and Health Care
10. Current Issues and Future Trends in Health Care in Canada
Appendix: Declaration of Alma-Ata: International Conference on Primary Health Care, 6-12 September 1978