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Author Roberston, William
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In this collection we are captivated by William Robertson’s love of the natural world. He sees majesty in the smallest creatures, enjoys the simplicities of canoeing, hunting, and fishing, and shares his joy with the reader. He is modest in his knowledge of the natural world, humble in knowing that there is too much to ever fully appreciate when armed with our curiosity alone. And so, he sees himself as a sort of decoy, a fake bird used as a lure for wild birds to us, knowing if he succeeds we might discover what he has discovered. Robertson takes us through the Canadian landscape of his youth as he delightfully meets the provincial flowers in person calling them by name: Prairie Lily, Wild Rose, Trillium, Dogwood, Showy Ladies Slipper, Jack-in-the-Pulpit, and Fringed Gentian. This collection is one that will delight Canadian readers, as in these pages we get to know one who has truly loved the smallest and simplest of Mother Nature, and within them found the extraordinary beauty of this land.

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William Robertson writes with a quiet, unpretentious gait. He leads us through the beauty he finds within the simplicity of an honest life. His poems explore how his roles as father and grandfather allow him to share his love of the natural world, and his passions ignite especially when he writes about his love of birds. He asks if it would be possible for us all to be lovers of birds with the ardour of St. Frances of Assisi. “In the creek, birds I’ll probably never name explain their desire.” He writes as if quiet devotion just might release their thoughts.