Adjustment League

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Item#: 9781771960823
Author Barnes, Mike
Cover Paperback
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At a psychiatric hospital in the 1980s patients formed what they calledThe Adjustment Leagueto protect themselves against the depredations of a corrupt and abusive staff. Prompted by a mysterious summons from his past, a message from a fellow patient on a locked ward twenty years before, the hero of the novel—a man known only as “the Super—embarks on a series of adjustments, his word for the personal interventions he conducts on behalf of the powerless to even the playing field. But what begins as a discovery of the neglect by a privileged Toronto family of their Alzheimer's-afflicted mother, opens out into much larger and more systematic crimes.The first in a new noir trilogy,The Adjustment Leagueoffers up a grittily gothic examination of privilege and power on the mean streets of contemporary Toronto. Working in the 6-8 week windows of what The Super calls hyper-time—the periods of near-sleepless hyper-awareness and activity which precede his own mental collapse—he tries to balance the scales of justice while seeking atonement for a crime from his own past: the maiming of his own daughter during a period of psychological distress. Part bi-polar detective, part avenging angel, The Super is a noir anti-hero like none other...