Ten Canadian Writers In Context

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Ten years, ten authors, ten critics. The Canadian Literature Centre/Centre de littérature canadienne reaches into its ten-year archive of Brown Bag Lunch readings to sample some of the most diverse and powerful voices in contemporary Canadian literature. This anthology offers readers samples from some of Canada’s most exciting writers of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. Each selection is introduced by a brief essay, serving as a point of entry into the writer’s work. From the east coast of Newfoundland to Kitamaat territory on British Columbia’s central coast, there is a story for everyone, from everywhere. True to Canada’s multilingual and multicultural heritage, these ten writers come from diverse ethnicities and backgrounds, and work in multiple languages, including English, French, and Cree. Ying Chen | essay by Julie Rodgers Lynn Coady | essay by Maïté Snauwaert Michael Crummey | essay by Jennifer Bowering Delisle Caterina Edwards | essay by Joseph Pivato Marina Endicott | essay by Daniel Laforest Lawrence Hill | essay by Winfried Siemerling Alice Major | essay by Don Perkins Eden Robinson | essay by Kit Dobson Gregory Scofield | essay by Angela Van Essen Kim Thúy | essay by Pamela V. Sing

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A superb compilation of modern Canadian voices: ten years, ten authors, ten critics.

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Contents Acknowledgements vii INTRODUCTI O N ix Making Literature, Literature in the Making by Marie Carrière, Curtis Gillespie & Jason Purcell 1 YING CHEN 1 Experiment and Innovation by Julie Rodgers 3 Le Mangeur (excerpt) 10 L’Ingratitude (excerpt) 14 2 LYNN COADY 19 a.k.a. The Wit by Maïté Snauwaert 21 The Antagonist (excerpt) 27 3 MICHAEL CRUMMEY 37 The Presence of the Past by Jennifer Bowering Delisle 39 Sweetland (excerpt) 46 4 CATERIN A EDWARDS 57 History Lost in Forgetfulness by Joseph Pivato 59 Finding Rosa: A Mother with Alzheimer’s, a Daughter in Search of the Past (excerpt) 65 5 MARIN A ENDICOT T 73 Lights and Shadows across the Continent by Daniel Laforest 75 Close to Hugh (excerpt) 81 6 L AWRENCE HILL 93 History and the Truth of Fiction by Winfried Siemerling 95 Meet You at the Door (excerpt) 102 7 ALICE MAJ O R 113 Metaphors, Myths, and the Eye of the Magpie by Don Perkins 115 The Office Tower Tales (excerpt) 122 8 EDEN ROBINS O N 139 Reading for B’gwus by Kit Dobson 141 The Sasquatch at Home: Traditional Protocols & Modern Storytelling (excerpt) 147 9 GREGORY SCOFIELD 157 kistêyihtamowin êkwa sâkihitowin (Honour and Love) by Angela Van Essen 159 kipocihkân: Poems New & Selected (excerpt) 164 10 KIM THÚY 179 A Gentle Power by Pamela V. Sing 181 Ru (excerpt) 189 Essay Contributors 195 Permissions 201