Joy Of Living With Less: How To Downsize To 100 Items &...

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Item#: 9781782498223
Author Lambert, Mary
Cover Hardback
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The premise of this book is simple: if you don't love it, lose it! Many people think that the more they own, the more contented and happy they will be-their lives become defined by their possessions. In fact, the opposite is often true: the more we have, the less happy and contented we are in mind, body, and spirit. Decluttering expert Mary Lambert explains how having too much clutter can stop you moving forward in life, and how learning to let go of items we neither love or need is liberating and fulfilling. The challenge starts with an inventory of your personal possessions, then you begin the process of clearing out your items, addressing each area at a time, from clothes, to jewelry, to hobby items. Once you've tackled your personal items, you can get started on the rest of your household goods.

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Follow this unique programme to discover the joy of living with lessitems and discover how liberating and fulfilling life becomes when you learn to live with less.