At Home With Plants

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Item#: 9781784721947
Author Drummond & O'reilly
Cover Hardback
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>This inspirational book from award-winning interior landscape designer Ian Drummond and interiors editor Kara O'Reilly will show you how to give your home a natural make-over. From strikingly geometric terrariums to pretty hanging baskets, functional herb pots and colorful window displays, this book is packed full of exciting and gorgeous ideas.<
>Creative interior planting is becoming increasingly popular and easy to achieve. The new wave of unusual and dramatic indoor plants is as much about deecor and statement as greenery. Used aesthetically, as a focal point and sculptural element in interior design, indoor gardening is not just about growing a plant, but using it as an accessory to create a particular style and mood.<
>In this much-needed book, Ian and Kara show you how to transform your home with plants and tell you which plants will work best where and how to care for them. Specially commissioned photography by Nick Pope proves that
inging the outdoors in really is the best form of interior design.<