Radical Rest: Get More Done By Doing Less

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Item#: 9781784883775
Author Lister, Richard
Cover Paperback

We live in a hectic world that demands us to always be 'on'. Whether it is pressure at work with deadlines to meet and projects to complete, or families to look after and communicate with - that most of us feel like we're failing at every day - rest is almost always an afterthought. In our busy lives, we've been led to believe that rest, or the notion of rest, is quite the indulgence - something that you get around to only when everything that needs to be done is done, right?

Treating rest as a passive activity that comes secondary to work, undermines our chances for a rewarding and meaningful life. In Radical Rest, trained nurse and holistic coach Richard Lister will provide you with a series of simple, effective ways to take responsibility for your own health and wellbeing. Through powerful, practical tools and healing modalities, along with easy yet transformative techniques that you can apply to your everyday routine and life, Radical Rest will enable you tocultivate a relationship with rest, to help your body heal and more importantly, stay in its optimum operating state. So that you can rest AND get more done.