Fucking Good Manners

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Item#: 9781785785511
Author Griffin, Simon
Cover Hardback

The author ofFucking Apostrophestakes on another of life's biggest irritations.Manners are a minefield. Remembering which behaviours are appropriate for which situation (who it is okay to swear in front of, and for who that is a definite no), can leave even the most laid back exasperated. Enter Simon Griffin, and his no-nonsense guide to getting it fucking right. Whether you're at work, on an airplane, out for dinner or on your phone, learn right from wrong in this furiously hilarious gift book.Fucking Good Mannersis the perfect stocking-filler for a manners enthusiast, those who could do with a few polite behavioural tips, or anyone who just loves anything a bit sweary. This is the essential guide to fucking good manners.