Unanxious: How To Manage Your Worries, Transform...

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Item#: 9781787836723
Author Chamberlain, Claire
Cover Hardback
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A self-care guide for anxiety sufferers. It is sensitive, accessible and helps the reader recognize anxious behaviors and improve self-esteem
Don't let anxiety define who you are
In a world where we are constantly comparing our looks, our lifestyles, our jobs and our relationships with others, it can be easy to let worries get the better of us. The truth is, whether you're sociable or solitary, extroverted or introverted, anxiety will affect us all at some point in our lives.
This pocket-sized guide will help you recognize and understand the way you feel, and offers practical advice for looking after your mental and physical well-being. From challenging the way you think to making positive lifestyle changes, this book is your starting point for a more carefree, content and confident you.