Math Hacks: 100 Cheats/Cracks/Shortcuts To The Big Idea

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Item#: 9781788400121
Author Cochrane, Richard
Cover Paperback
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>100 ingenious hacks to make even the most complex mathematical theories easy to understand.<
>Everything you need to know about 100 key mathematical concepts condensed into easy-to-understand sound bites designed to stick in your memory and give you an instant grasp of the concept.<
>On each topic, you'll start with a helicopter overview of the subject, which will give you an introduction to the idea and some context surrounding it. Next, you'll zoom in on the core elements of the theory, with clear explanation of each point to make sure you really understand the concept, along with simple examples that everyone can follow. Finally, you'll be given a one-liner hack to really make the theory stick in your mind.<
>The perfect introduction to alge
a, logic, probability and much more, this is a great new way to learn about the most important mathematical ideas and concepts in a way that makes them easy to recall even months after reading the book.<
>Topics covered include:<
>Computer science<
>Applied mathematics<
>Set Theory