Find Your F*Ck Yeah: Stop Censoring Who You Are And...

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Item#: 9781797201504
Author Rockley, Alexis
Cover Paperback

Fuckyeah is the feeling youve been chasing since the first time you tasted ice cream, the first time you learned to ride a bike, the first time you cried laughing. It is the electric joy that we cant seem to find or hold onto in our adult lives no matter how many me-time bubble baths, sunrise meditations, and #blessed Instagram posts.

A bold guide to finding your unique purpose and uncensored self, FIND YOUR F*CKYEAH disrupts today's warm, fuzzy brand of #selfcare and 'Just be you!' personal growth trends, translating the hard science of happiness for a generation that speaks emoji.

Despite everything society says, you are not a living brand, you do not have to have one passion/purpose/calling, and no amount of #selfcare is going to change your life.

In FIND YOUR F*CKYEAH, Alexis Rockley uses guided scientific experiments and refreshing wit to prove why one-size-fits-all success formulas and trendy morning routines won't keep us happyand shows us how to find what will.

Rockley tackles the social programming and biological defaults that fuel our limiting beliefs head on, showing how they keep us trapped in a cycle of boredom, stress, and burnout. In our attempt to present a hireable, friendable, dateable, and acceptable version of ourselves to the world, we spend much of our lives unintentionally censoring who we really areand in the process, shoving what we truly want deep into our subconscious. For anyone tired of feeling the pressure to be better, do more, and work faster to find happinessto self-optimize, shut up, and fit inFIND YOUR F*CKYEAH offers the tools to finally take our lives off autopilot and find joy where we're at, right now.

A must-read if any of this sounds like you:
You regularly bounce back and forth between boredom and stress, only to level out at a vegetative, exhausted state
You find yourself annoyed that your time isn't your own because you're busy making a living
You like having time to yourself, but hate being alone without an Internet connection
You sometimes feel confident in the life choices you've made (i.e., education, career, relationships), but you can't help feeling like where you're 'at' in life is somehow not enough
You want practical advice on how to be happier, but you're annoyed by the vague, generic advice of traditional self-help books