Create Your Own Midlife Crisis: The Best Way To Make Bad...

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Item#: 9781797207100
Author Phillips, Marie
Cover Hardback
On Hand 1

Midway through our lives, we wonder how we ended up here - secretly wishing we could set flame to everything and walk away in slow motion, leaving all our responsibilities, boring routines, and demanding bosses behind. But this is adulthood. This is how it has to be. And there is no way to start life over again.

Or is there? In the style of choose-your-own-adventure stories, CREATE YOUR OWN MIDLIFE CRISIS will give you the chance to try all the roads not taken:

To take your mother to a nightclub, turn to page 68.
To buy a motorcycle, turn to page 74.
To agree to a swingers' night, turn to page 82.
To quit this stupid job, go to page 108.

Whether it's an affair with a younger man, ayahuasca, or just telling your boss to shove it, choose from countless hilarious and surprising outcomes.