Small Animal Soft Tissue Surgery

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Small Animal Soft Tissue Surgeryprovides an introduction to the fundamentals of small animal soft tissue surgery, covering the core principles that underpin all surgery, and key areas of general soft tissue surgery undertaken in general small animal practice. Emphasis is placed on current veterinary practice, the application of basic principles and the importance of patient assessment and appropriate decision making.<
/>With a practical focus, the book provides a clear, well-illustrated description of a readily applicable technique for each of the potential problems that face new graduates within non-specialist practices. The learning outcomes at the start of each section define the key areas for undergraduates to focus on and self-assessment MCQs at the end of each section help re-inforce learning outcomes. The text also contains information to enable newly qualified graduates to assess more complex conditions that are frequently encountered in small animal practice. For many practitioners who do not develop a strong interest in more advanced surgery, this text will provide a solid surgical text to last throughout their veterinary career.<
/>To enhance accessibility to undergraduate students, the text emphasizes the application of a small number of key principles and limit detailed descriptions to a reduced number of key procedures.

Table of Contents
Part I - Basic Surgical Principles <
/>1. Applying Halsted's Principles<
/>2. Prophylactic, Perioperative Antimicrobials<
/>3. Suture Materials, Staples, and Tissue Adhesive<
/>4. Suture Patterns and Knots<
/>5. Surgical Instruments<
/>6. Nutritional Support<
/>Part II - Wound Management and Reconstructive Surgery <
/>7. Wound Management<
/>8. Reconstructive Surgery<
/>9. Oncological Surgery and Skin Tumours<
/>Part III - Abdominal Surgery <
/>10. Principles of Abdominal Surgery<
/>11. Hernias and Ruptures<
/>12. Gastrointestinal Surgery<
/>13. Peritonitis Management and the 'Acute Abdomen'<
/>14. Ovarian and Uterine Surgery<
/>15. Testicular Surgery<
/>16. Urinary Tract Surgery<
/>17. Splenic Surgery<
/>18. Hepatic Surgery<
/>Part IV - Head and Neck Surgery <
/>19. Ear Surgery<
/>20. Upper Respiratory Tract, Laryngeal, and Tracheal Surgery<
/>21. Upper Digestive Tract Surgery<
/>Part V - Endocrine Surgery <
/>22. Endocrine Surgery<
/>Part VI - Principles of Thoracic Surgery <
/>23. Management of Pleural Disease<
/>24. Principles of Thoracic Surgery