Patient-Centered Medicine: Transforming The Clinical Method

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Item#: 9781846195662
Edition 03
Author Stewart Et Al
Cover Paperback

This long awaited Third Edition fully illuminates the patient-centered model of medicine, continuing to provide the foundation for the Patient-Centered Care series. It redefines the principles underpinning the patient-centered method using four major components - clarifying its evolution and consequent development - to bring the reader fully up-to-date. By examining and evaluating both qualitative and quantitative research, including reviews and recent studies, the book offers an invaluable compendium of relevant education literature and methods. Illustrating patient-centered concepts through case studies, Patient-Centered Medicine provides clear, inspirational messages about the instrumental role of patient-centered clinical care for both students and clinicians in all health care environments.

Table of Contents
Preface. About the authors. List of contributors. Acknowledgments. Part one: overview. Introduction. The evolution of clinical method. Part two: the four components of the patient-centered clinical method. Introduction. The first component: exploring health, disease and the illness experience. 'I don't want to die': case illustrating component 1. 'I should write a letter to the editor!': case illustrating component. The second component: understanding the whole person. Part 1: individual and family. Trauma, tragedy, trust and triumph: case illustrating component 2. The second component: understanding the whole person. Part 2: context. Mary T: case illustrating component 2. 'Doctor, I need you to give me a test to check if I am a lesbian': case illustrating component 2. The third component: finding common ground. 'I'd sooner take my chances!': case illustrating component 3. The fourth component: enhancing the patient-clinician relationship. When we first saw eye to eye: case illustrating component 4. The flag for undefined pain: case illustrating component 4. Part 3: learning and teaching the patient-centered clinical method. Introduction. Becoming a physician: the human experience of medical education. A messenger: case illustrating becoming a physician. Learner-centered teaching. Being there: case illustrating being learner-centered. Challenges in learning and teaching the patient-centered clinical method. Teaching the patient-centered clinical method - practical tips. The case report as a teaching tool for patient-centered care. Margaret L: case illustrating a patient-centered case report. Part 4: the health care context and patient-centered care. Introduction. Team-centered approach: how to build and sustain a team. The team was the container for her story: case illustrating a team-centered approach. Health care costs and patient-centered care. Part 5: research on patient-centered care. Introduction. Using qualitative methodologies to illuminate patient-centered care. Evidence on the impact of patient-centered care. Measuring patient perceptions of patient-centeredness. Measuring patient-centeredness. Conclusions. References. Index.