Yellow Monkey Emperor's Classic Of Chinese Medicine

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A horse complains of a chest as tight as a bear's em
ace, a goat bleats about skin as dry as parchment, and a rat describes his urine as darker than soya sauce. Join these lively characters and their friends as they seek diagnosis from wise animal sages and the yellow monkey emperor.Covering 78 syndromes of Chinese medicine, these cartoons graphically illustrate the disturbances and illnesses that can affect the organs of the body, or Zang Fu, as they are understood in Chinese medicine. They are accompanied by a concise list of symptoms for easy diagnostic reference. Combining Damo Mitchell's deep knowledge and experience with Spencer Hill's witty cartoons, this is a fun way to learn, remember and be entertained by the syndromes and their symptoms.

Short Description
Learn and remember the syndromes of Chinese medicine, their causes, symptoms and treatment protocols with these witty cartoons, rich with Daoist in-jokes. Each cartoon tells the story of an animal seeking diagnosis from a wise animal sage and is accompanied by a concise, clear analysis of the associated syndrome.

Table of Contents
Preface. Section 1. Meeting Bee Bo. Section 2. Springtime Lessons. Liver and Gall Bladder Syndromes. Section 3. Summer and the Heart. Heart and Small Intestine Syndromes. Section 4. Banana Cheesecake. Spleen and Stomach Syndromes. Section 5. Autumn Dryness. Lung and Large Intestine Syndromes. Section 6. Winter in the Jungle. Kidney and Bladder Syndromes. Section 7. Bee Bo's End. Author Profiles.