Grasping The Donkey's Tail: Unraveling Mysteries From The...

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A scholarly yet practical account for modern clinicians of some of the key difficult questions arising from obscure passages in the classics of Chinese medicine. This book offers an interpretation of crucial sections from the classical Chinese texts which have continued to puzzle Western clinicians, and serves as a basis for more effective acupuncture treatments.The author discusses Sasang medicine interpretations of specific phenomena, showing where Korean medicine diverged from Chinese, and how the two traditions can inform each other, and the modern acupuncturist. Elsewhere, he discusses the Daoist roots of Chinese medicine, the fundamental differences between Oriental and Western medical approaches, as well as various important issues in pulse diagnosis, all of which have practical application for modern clinicians and students.

Short Description
Through an in-depth examination of some difficult, often misunderstood classical texts of Oriental medicine, the author offers clear instruction for effective acupuncture practice. Specific discussions of Daoism and pulse diagnosis make this an innovative and essential text for acupuncturists and Chinese medicine students and practitioners.

Table of Contents
Foreword. Charles Buck. Preface. Dedication. Acknowledgments. Introduction. 1. The Classic of Changes (Yi Jing). 2. Lao Zi (Dao De Jing). 3. Huai Nan Zi. 4. Simple Questions (Huang Di Nei Jing Su Wen). 5. Spiritual Pivot (Huang Di Nei Jing Ling Shu). 6. The Classic of Difficulties (Nan Jing). 7. The Pulse Classic (Mai Jing). Addendum: Pinning the tail on the donkey. References.