Interbrain: Embodied Connections Versus Common Knowledge

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Author Tantum, Digby
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Digby Tantam presents his ground-
eaking theory of the inter
ain, the idea that human beings are endlessly connected by a continuous interplay of non-verbal communication of which we are unaware. Considering social smiles and the way emotions can spread from one person to another, he explores the research that shows how our
ains are linked and draws out the implications of the inter
ain for our understanding of empathy, social communication, psychology and group behaviour.Exploring this often overlooked aspect of our human nature, Tantam demonstrates how the inter
ain has huge significance for psychology, psychiatry and sociology and can transform our understanding of war, morality, terrorism, psychopathy and much more.

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Arguing that our
ains are wirelessly connected though non-verbal communication, Digby Tantam presents research to show how our
ains are linked in unexpected ways and the implications this has for our understanding of criminal behaviour, autism spectrum disorders, relationships and more.

Table of Contents
1. The Inter
ain. 2. The Inter
ain in Action. 3. Being Dominated by the Theory of Mind Connection. 4. Connecting to Finnegan's Wake. 5. Connecting through Common Knowledge. 6. Leaders. 7. Connections and Morality.